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The 2012 BMW 1-Series meets expert expectations in terms of luxury, but keep in mind that the BMW nameplate comes with a steep price tag of about $31,000. That means your coupe or convertible can easily cost $40,000 once you start adding things like heated seating and navigation.

While rivals are provideing more vehicle-like cabs, the Chevrolet Colorado keeps its interior pure truck. Though some experts complain about fabrics class, others say the Chevrolet Colorado's interior is adequate.

Although experts like the straightforward dash layout, they all complain of the affordable plastic feel of the interior. The front seating is relatively convenient, but even in the Crew cabin back seating is cramped and hard.

Experts say that just getting into the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG’s cab is a difficult task. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG’s appealing gullwing doors leave a wide door sill that reviewers have to maneuver over to get benched.

The passenger cab of the Honda FCX Clarity is notable for its huge room and its unusual fabrics. Honda developed a corn-based material for the seating and used many recycled plastics inside. Some experts say that, aesthetically, the interior resembles that of the Honda Civic.

Most members of the auto press like the 2011 Mini Copper’s interior for its convenient front seating and high class fabrics. For 2011, Mini has made a few minor interior adjustments.

Open any door, however, and the Journey is virtually unrecognizable. No longer is the cabin a hard-knock blend of Fisher-Price and ugly. Shiny plastic is as scarce inside the 2011 model as soft-touch materials were in the 2010.

The auto press likes what they see inside the 2012 Audi A7: a cab that features top-notch fabrics that include soft leather seats and a variety of wood trim features. The Audi A7 also features more trunk room than any other luxury large vehicle; including would-be land yachts like the Cadillac DTS.

The interior on the 2011 Jeep Compass isn’t the best among cheap compact SUVs, but there have been a few enhancements for the 2011 model year. For starters, the cab has more soft-touch plastics, which make it feel and exterior a tad more expensive than it did last year.

The 2010 VW Beetle's cab is big on class, but small on room. Though several auto writers find the front row provides enough space for driver and passenger, the coupe and convertible's rounded design limits back bench room and trunk space significantly. .

In the past, there have been three major concerns about the Mini Clubman’s interior: confusing interior controls, cramped back seats and little trunk room. Only one of these – the interior controls – have been enhanced for 2011.

Experts are satisfied with the Miata's fit and finish and cab features, but find its quarters too cramped for comfort. Auto critics are satisfied with the Miata's driver-focused control layout and wide array of traditional convenience features. However, its audio system receives mixed reviews.

Most experts agree that while the Ford Ranger’s interior is adequate for consumers who intend to use it for work or off-roading, it is subpar for most other uses.

Inside, the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro's interior vehicleries on the nostalgic theme of the concept vehicle, with modern round gauges recessed into square housings that are meant to evoke its legendary past. Still, critics find the cab's layout and build class lacking.

Like everything else about the Chrysler 200, the interior is a marked enhancement over the outgoing Sebring. Still, with leaders in the mid-size sedan class, such as the Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion setting the bar high for class traditionals, the Chrysler 200 still falls behind.

The passenger cab of the BMW Hydrogen 7 differs little from that of the previous-generation 7-Series vehicle it is based on. It vehicleries a full suite of cab controls and conditioning measures, in keeping with its status as a super-luxury vehicle.

The Scion iQ has an interior that intrigues experts with its unique seats arrangement and long list of traditional features. Trunk room is obviously tight, but by and large, vehicle reviewers like how Scion has designed the interior.

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