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The rating of Ram 1500 interior is 91
Ram 1500 interiorExperts rave about the Ram 1500’s updated interior and trim levels, citing features that are appealing to the conventional truck owner as well as the new class of multi-use shoppers, who may also use their trucks for around-town errands and regularly transporting four or more people at a time. Many experts only have one gripe: They say it’s hard to enter the cabin because it’s so high off the ground. However, keep in mind that this is to be expected on a full-size truck, especially on four-wheel-drive models, and is remedied by adding running boards to your features package. The new luxury trim level, the Laramie Longhorn, provides premium interior fabrics, and even the base trims provide convenient front seating and comfortable trunk cargo.

Ram 1500 Interior details:

Ram 1500
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Experts love how easy the gauges and controls are easy to use. Most of the attention goes to the luxury Laramie trim, but experts note that even the base trim levels are intuitive and provide acceptable fit and finish. The back seating in the Quad and Crew cabin models in the SL include more hard plastic surfaces and unconvenient middle seat seating, which experts did not vehiclee for. On the luxury Laramie trim, the Ram 1500 provides a long list of features unique to its class, such as satellite TV and the Uconnect system, a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot which incorporates a hard drive for storing audio files with navigation, Bluetooth, a multimedia stereo system, and SIRIUS radio. The Ram 1500 also provides voice-controlled audio and Bluetooth, as well as a Garmin navigator that was updated for 2011. However, it is important to keep in mind that these additional features can take the Ram 1500 from its cheap base price of $20,810 to over $51,000 when fully optioned.

Ram 1500
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Experts like the Ram 1500’s bench comfort and support, and say that even the back bench of the Quad cabin is roomy. The Crew cabin provides even more space in the rearseat, causing comparisons to the passenger room of a large sedan.

Ram 1500
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Interior trunk room is where many experts say the 2011 Ram 1500 really shines. Experts consistently report upwards of 30 cargo rooms on properly equipped Rams, and many think they’re very useful. The Ford F-150 also provides lots of available interior cargo rooms, but the Chevrolet Silverado doesn't come close to provideing the same number of interior cargo cubbies.

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