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The rating of Lexus LS Hybrid interior is 93
Lexus LS Hybrid interiorThe Lexus LS Hybrid shares a platform with the traditionally-powered Lexus LS, which means that there’s no shortage of interior room. Legspace is plentiful for both front and rear bench passengers, and while all super luxury vehicles feature high-class interiors, the Lexus LS Hybrid stands out with soft leather and an appealing, sleek design. Many experts also appreciate its cool audio and interior controls. Separate controls are used to set climate, entertainment and navigation functions, and some experts prefer Lexus’ system to user interfaces such as BMW’s iDrive or Mercedes’ COMAND. While the LS 600h’s cab is exemplary, it’s not all aces for this super luxury hybrid. The Lexus LS Hybrid’s battery intrudes substantially on available trunk room. As a result, this Lexus loses nearly eight cubbies of cargo room when compared to its non-hybrid siblings. Additionally, competitors like the BMW 7-Series Hybrid and the Mercedes S-Class Hybrid use smaller Lithium-ion batteries that take up less room. Compared to the LS 600h, the BMW and the Benz have 2. 3 additional cubbies of trunk room, respectively.

Lexus LS Hybrid Interior details:

Lexus LS Hybrid
Lexus LS Hybrid Interior (pic. 1)

The Lexus LS Hybrid has a premiumly appointed, innovative cab that experts love. The gauges are appealing and easy to read, and many think that the voice-activated HDD navigator is among the easiest to use. It also responds faster than those in other super-luxury sedans and offers live traffic and weather reports. Unlike much of the competition, the Lexus LS Hybrid has a traditional control layout, with controls for its climate, entertainment and information systems. This may be a plus if you dislike systems such as Mercedes’ COMAND or BMW’s iDrive, which use a single knob interface to adjust many comfort and tech options. Experts also rave about the traditional Mark Levinson Surround audio audio inside the LS 600h. This 19-speaker, 450-watt system is an option on the Lexus LS Hybrid’s gas-powered siblings, and features a USB input, six-CD changer and Bluetooth stereo streaming. Traditional on the LS 600h is Lexus’ self parking feature, which first appeared in 2007. Knowing that the vehicle can parallel park itself audios cool, but experts are underwhelmed with the system’s use in the real world. It works slowly, and most experts think that it would be quicker and easier for drivers to parallel park themselves.

Lexus LS Hybrid
Lexus LS Hybrid Interior (pic. 2)

The Lexus LS Hybrid shares the same chassis as the extended-wheelbase version of the Lexus LS, and the extra room makes it one of the most convenient super luxury vehicles on the market. Legspace is outstanding for both front and back bench passengers, and experts are excited with the power-adjustable front seating that are heated and ventilated. The traditional rear bench is also convenient, but the auxillary seats packages can make the back row the most convenient place to be. For nearly $6,000, the luxury Package II adds back row comfort features which include heated and ventilated power-adjustable seating, a DVD entertainment system with wireless headphones, four-zone conditioning and separate stereo controls for the audio.

Lexus LS Hybrid
Lexus LS Hybrid Interior (pic. 3)

Cargo room is often an issue in hybrid vehicles, and the Lexus LS Hybrid is no different. Batteries for the electric motor take over room that would be available in the gas-only LS, and as a result this super luxury vehicle ends up with just 10. 1 cubbies of trunk room. By comparison, vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid and the BMW 7-Series Hybrid use smaller, Lithium-ion batteries that take up much less room. The BMW and the Mercedes have 13 and 16. 4 cubbies of trunk room, respectively. On the upside, the LS does have better interior cargo than both of these German competitors – which may impress buyers who need more room to stow their personal effects.

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