Lexus CT200h Interior

The rating of Lexus CT200h interior is 80
Lexus CT200h interiorThe interior of the 2011 Lexus CT200h is given like from most of the press for its good fabric choice and build class; however, some experts question the interior design, which they feel exteriors put-together with little thought. While experts tend to agree that the seating is convenient, they question the traditional NuLuxe faux-leather.

Lexus CT200h Interior details:

Lexus CT200h
Lexus CT200h Interior (pic. 1)

Experts all appreciate the features available in the Lexus CT200h. They note that the Lexus CT200h does a fine job of setting itself apart from the less premium Toyota Prius. Of note, Lexus provides a holder for your mobile phone or audio player, which keeps the item close to a power point and to the driver for ease of use that has received positive reviews. Another feature experts like is the gauge cluster, which can switch from a power-flow meter to a tachometer when the Lexus CT200h is placed in “sport” mode.

Lexus CT200h
Lexus CT200h Interior (pic. 2)

Seats experts almost all give like to the front seating of the Lexus CT200h. They all like the positioning of the seating, though many question the traditional NuLuxe faux-leather. For consumers willing to spend the extra money, the auxillary leather seats may be the preferred choice.

Lexus CT200h
Lexus CT200h Interior (pic. 3)

Trunk The Lexus CT200h isn’t particularly big in the trunk department. It provides 5. 2 cubbies less trunk room compared to the similarly sized Audi A3. It also provides less trunk room than the bigger and less expensive Toyota Prius. Still, experts agree that trunk room is adequate, with enough room for most shoppers.

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