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The rating of Hyundai Genesis interior is 90
Hyundai Genesis interiorThe interior of the 2010 Hyundai Genesis leans more toward Mercedes-style classic luxury than Infiniti-style contemporary design. The Hyundai Genesis’ cab is provideed with walnut trim and expanses of leather. In fact, its leather-lined dash is unusual at this price point - that’s a luxury usually reserved for vehicles that cost significantly more. Experts are excited with the grade of fabrics chosen, and its strong fit and finish. Still, some testers say the seating may be too soft for those used to a German vehicle that has harder, sculpted captain’s chairs.

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Hyundai Genesis
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Experts are excited with the class of the fabrics and easy-to-use controls found inside the Hyundai Genesis. Its navigator, with voice-recognition capability, is particularly well-liked. Hyundai provides two auxillary navigators for the V6-powered Hyundai Genesis. The first is a seven inch unit that has a touch-display, but no experts have mentioned any problems. The second nav unit is the “Ultimate. ” Featuring an eight inch display and in-dash six-CD changer, this unit comes traditional on the Hyundai Genesis 4. Those who forgo the touch-display will get to control the system through a single dial, much like those found in BMW or Audi sedans. In the Hyundai Genesis however, other climate and entertainment functions have their own controls. This is an arrangement many experts prefer over sometimes-complex systems found in the Hyundai Genesis’ competition.

Hyundai Genesis
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Seats experts say the front seating of the 2011 Hyundai Genesis are convenient, but like the suspension, some critics say they lack the firmness found in true sport sedans like the BMW 3-Series or Infiniti G37. Experts agree that the back seating provide enough room for adults to sit comfortably. Hyundai provides a choice of two grades of leather upholstery. Testers say the traditional leather matches what most competitors provide, but the auxillary upgrade to a softer, perforated leather gets rave reviews.

Hyundai Genesis
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Trunk The cargo of the Hyundai Genesis is one of the largest in its class, at 15. 9 cubbies. However, room is still limited compared to some competitors because the back seating don’t fold down. The Hyundai Genesis does have a pass-through from the cargo to the cab for long, thin items like a pair of skis, but compared to the folding seating of the Lexus ES, the room has limited utility.

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