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The rating of Ford Taurus interior is 96
Ford Taurus interiorExperts agree that the cab interior of the 2011 Ford Taurus is remarkable for an inexpensive large vehicle. A stylish, sweeping twin-cowl dash and waterfall center stack show a lot of design flair. A suite of available advanced controls, including Ford's remarkable SYNC system, also set the Ford Taurus apart from its rivals. The cockpit is not without flaws - a few hard plastics seem out of place - but it's designed to impress.

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Ford Taurus
Ford Taurus Interior (pic. 1)

Experts find the interior of the Ford Taurus well-designed, with logically-placed controls and easy-to-use controls that out-class most of its large vehicle competition. Most fabrics are appropriate for the price, but several writers note hard plastics in a few places - including the sides of the center console, where the knees of taller drivers often rest. Ford's SYNC system is present on all but the base model. SYNC allows drivers to control Bluetooth-enabled devices inside the vehicle, like cell phones and mp3 players, with voice commands. It has consistently earned expert like in every Ford car that provides it.

Ford Taurus
Ford Taurus Interior (pic. 2)

Seats Test drivers find the traditional front seating on the 2011 Ford Taurus convenient, but don’t waste a lot of ink on them. Instead, experts rave about the auxillary Multi-Contour seating, which have several air bladders that subtly inflate and deflate to change shape, helping to reduce driver fatigue. The back bench in the 2011 Ford Taurus is one of the largest available - experts say three adults can actually fit comfortably.

Ford Taurus
Ford Taurus Interior (pic. 3)

Trunk The Ford Taurus boasts one of the largest cargos available in an cheap vehicle - more than 20 cubbies of trunk room. The back seating fold down to expand the room if you need more. Experts say the Ford Taurus provides decent cargo room inside the cab as well, with deep door pockets and an unusual three cupholders for the front seating.

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