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The rating of Ford F-150 interior is 93
Ford F-150 interiorBy and large, reviews of the 2011 Ford F-150's interior are positive. Experts are particularly excited with the available innovative cab features, but also report that comfort and utility are in good supply as well. New for 2011 is a 4. 2-inch LCD screen display that screens information about fuel economy, towing and off-roading.

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Ford F-150
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The majority of experts are very pleased with the interior features on the 2011 Ford F-150. Many report that not only does the Ford F-150 feature fabrics that range from utilitarian and easy-to-clean to premium, but that the truck's interior features a thoughtful and appealing design. Some experts express surprise at the class and quantity of innovative features available. Shoppers can outfit the Ford F-150 with Ford's SYNC voice-controlled infotainment system, a top-notch Sony audio, various types of auxiliary stereo inputs, and Navigation. Some experts also point out systems that are likely to appeal to shoppers using their trucks for work, including a RFID tagging system that can help inventory tools, and an in-cabin computing system that even includes Wi-Fi and a printer.

Ford F-150
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Most experts concentrate their like on the Ford F-150's interior features, rather than its seating. Still, those that mention the seating is largely positive. A few experts report that back-seat legspace is enhanced in the Crew cabin, and that comfort overall is good.

Ford F-150
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Most experts are pleased with the interior cargo features in the 2011 Ford F-150. The deep center console, which can hold laptops and files, is a expert favorite, as is the flat load floor in the back bench of the Crew cabin. With the back bench folded up, many experts say that room is ideal for vehiclerying large items, like a flat display TV.

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