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The rating of Buick LaCrosse interior is 91
Buick LaCrosse interiorThe auto press is simply floored by the interior of the 2011 Buick LaCrosse, with many saying it's the best interior General Motors has built in years. Experts routinely compare it to the cab of a Lexus ES - and some say the Buick wins that comparison.

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Buick LaCrosse
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The auto press is almost universally astounded by the high-class fabrics and superb fit and finish of the Buick LaCrosse's cab. Easy-to-use controls, including a unique radio recording system that allows drivers to pause and play rear radio content, win particular like. Luxury features, like Bluetooth, are auxillary on the base CX model, and traditional on the CXL and CXS trims. One thing you should know is that navigation is not available on the base trim. If that's important to you, you'll either have to opt for the CXL or CXS trims, or get yourself a portable unit.

Buick LaCrosse
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Seats Test drivers are excited with the front seating of the Buick LaCrosse, which provide more bolstering than the seat-like chairs in most previous Buick products. But where the Buick LaCrosse really bests its competition is in the back seating. The second row of seating in this vehicle is nearly as roomy and convenient as the first. The Buick LaCrosse was designed to be sold not just in the U. , but also in China, where Buick is regarded as a luxury brand and a status symbol. Chinese Buick owners often choose to be chauffeured, and spend most of their time in the rear bench - so GM designed it to be an accommodating place for adults.

Buick LaCrosse
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Trunk experts have one consistent complain about the Buick LaCrosse: its cargo is not as useful as those of many midsize vehicles. 3 cubbies, it's a bit below average size for the class. It's also plagued by a relatively narrow opening, making it more difficult to load than those of many rivals.

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