BMW 7-Series Hybrid Interior

The rating of BMW 7-Series Hybrid interior is 90
BMW 7-Series Hybrid interiorThe auto press is pleased with the spaceiness inside both regular and long-wheelbase versions of the 2011 BMW 7-Series Hybrid. They also like the high-class fabrics and cool list of traditional cab tech features. Navigation, Bluetooth, heated and ventilated front seating, four-zone conditioning and a 16-speaker audio all come as traditional equipment. Experts also like BMW’s iDrive interface, which controls navigation and entertainment functions. They say that iDrive has become much easier to use that it was in older models, and one expert particularly likes the navigator with Google integration, which allows you to search for destinations using a keyword rather than an address.

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BMW 7-Series Hybrid
BMW 7-Series Hybrid Interior (pic. 1)

The controls inside the BMW 7-Series were once loathed by experts for being counterintuitive. However, BMW’s iDrive system, which controls most navigation and entertainment functions, has come a long way in terms of user-friendliness. Experts generally like the system in the BMW 7-Series Hybrid, which uses a single knob to adjust options, although one expert notes that displays for browsing points of interest or the audio library are still not the best. The interior is basically the same as what you’d find in the current gas-only 7-Series, but also includes screens that monitor the hybrid system. Fabrics are top notch, but if you’re exterioring for an even more cool interior don’t overexterior the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid and the Lexus LS Hybrid. Tech features in the BMW 7-Series Hybrid are slightly better than the traditional equipment in its gas-only siblings. All models come equipped with four-zone conditioning, push control start, leather, navigation, Bluetooth, rearup camera and a 16-speaker surround audio audio with a 12GB hard drive to store your mp3s.

BMW 7-Series Hybrid
BMW 7-Series Hybrid Interior (pic. 2)

Inside, the BMW 7-Series Hybrid provides cool space for its passengers, both in the front and back. Experts generally like the seating, which are convenient and supportive. Up front, the 20-way power-adjustable seating feature massage, as well as ventilation and heat. Adding the $800 Cold Weather Package will also add heated back seating. If you choose an extended-wheelbase model, the $3,200 Luxury back seats Package will enhance passenger comfort with more convenient seating that are ventilated, heated and feature massage.

BMW 7-Series Hybrid
BMW 7-Series Hybrid Interior (pic. 3)

Most hybrids sacrifice some cargo room to make space for their hybrid batteries, and the BMW 7-Series Hybrid is no different. Luckily, however, the lithium-ion battery takes up much less room than it does in competitors such as the Lexus LS Hybrid. The BMW 7-Series Hybrid loses just one cubic foot of cargo room of the gas-only model, taking trunk capacity down to 13 cubbies.

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