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The rating of Audi A8 interior is 93
Audi A8 interiorExperts generally excited with the high-class fabrics, passenger room and cutting edge cab controls inside the 2011 Audi A8. The traditional seating is convenient, but the auxillary front seating with ventilation and massage impress most reviewers. Like extended-wheelbase versions of the BMW 7-Series and Lexus LS, the Audi A8 L is available with a host of rearseat luxuries. These include reclining back seating with footrests that can also provide massage, heat and ventilation. Most versions of Audi’s MMI interface are similar to BMW’s iDrive or Mercedes’ COMAND – using a single knob to adjust car options, as well as climate, navigation and stereo controls. These systems have become more user friendly in recent times, and Audi’s MMI generally garners good reviews. However, in the 2011 Audi A8, MMI is even more intuitive. Audi has integrated a touchpad into MMI, and users can trace letters and numbers on its surface to navigate car functions. Experts love this touch pad, saying that it’s easy to use while driving and also lets them avoid going through the MMI’s on-display menus. On the downside, one expert thought that MMI integrated too many car functions, while another noted that the navigator lacked certain key features such as weather and gas price information. Overall, the Audi A8’s cab makes an excellent impression on the auto press, but there is one minor issue – cargo room. While the Audi A8 provides more interior cargo than most European competitors, it falls short with just 13. 2 cubbies in the cargo to stow your gear.

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The Audi A8 has been earning rave reviews for its sumptuous accommodations and cutting-edge interior tech. Driver’s can choose different colors for the ambient lighting, while interior panels are covered in luxury wood, metal and suede. Another highlight is the auxillary 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, complete with tweeters that rise out of the dash. Not all experts have had a chance to sample this pricey, $6,300 option, but those that have say that it is among the best audioing audios available in a super luxury vehicle. Audi’s MMI interface also earns like from the auto press. Most say that it’s easy to use, and they love the new touchpad. You can still use the MMI knob to make selections for stereo, navigation and car options, but the touchpad provides even more ease of use – allowing you to write out destinations or stereo options with your finger. Lousy handwriting? Don’t worry. Most experts say that the touchpad can recognize even the worst chicken scratch. While Audi’s MMI is vastly enhanced, one expert did note an electric glitch with the Audi A8’s car information screen. Another commented that he felt that MMI absorbed too many of the Audi A8’s functions. Still, most rivals have gone this route - BMW’s iDrive and Mercedes-Benz’s COMAND are also one-stop shops that adjust most car options. If you’re on the exteriorout for a super luxury vehicle that doesn’t integrate all of its functions into a single user interface, check out the Porsche Panamera or the Lexus LS, which both provide separate controls for stereo, climate and car functions.

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The convenient seating and roomy accommodations inside the Audi A8 earn high marks from almost all experts who’ve driven it. The traditional leather front seating is convenient, heated and 12-way power-adjustable, but most experts have driven an Audi A8 with the auxillary luxury Package, which includes 22-way power-adjustable front seating that are heated, ventilated, and provide massage. Heated back seating is available in both models, but the Audi A8 L is available with rear bench features that really step up the luxury. Opting for the back bench Comfort Package will add four-zone conditioning and heated, reclining back seating. But if you want to make the Audi A8 truly decadent in the rear, the Executive back seats Package includes these features and also adds massage, a fixed center console, footrests and ventilated back seating.

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Compared to most super luxury vehicles, the Audi A8’s 13. 2 cubbies of cargo room comes up a little short. Athletic rivals like the BMW 7-Series and Porsche Panamera provide 14 and 15 cubbies of trunk room, respectively. If you need even more space to stow your gear, exterior to the Lexus LS or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which provide 18 and 16. 4 cubbies of cargo room, in that order.

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